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Wednesday, January, 16, 2019    01:02:12 pm
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Ordinary General Assembly Meeting
National Portfolio Securities (MHFZ)

The Board of Directors of National Portfolio Securities company cordially invites you to attend the company's Ordinary General Assembly Meeting which will be held on Wednesday 10/4/2018 at 11 am, at National Portfolio Securities company to discuss the following matters:


  1. Reciting and Approving the minutes of the previous ordinary meeting of the General Assembly which was held on 8/2/2018
  2. The Report of the board of directors on the activities of the company during the year, along with its future plans.
  3. Discharging the Board's members from their liabilities in respect of the financial year ended31/12/2012
  4. Electing the company's auditors for the next fiscal year, and deciding on their remunerations or authorizing the Board of directors to determine such remunerations
  5. Any other matters which the General Assembly proposes to include in the agenda, and are within the work scope of the General Assembly in its ordinary meeting, provided that such a proposal is approved by shareholders representing not less than 10% of the shares represented in the meeting