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Tuesday, December, 11, 2018    03:56:46 pm
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Extra Ordinary meeting
Bindar Trading & Investment Co . P.l.c (BIND)
The Board of Directors of Bindar Trading & Investment Co . P.l.c have called for an Extra- Ordinary meeting which will be held onFebruary 4, 2018 -, to discuss the following:1. The resignation of the elected board of directors and the election of a new council 2. 1. Amendment of the memorandum of association and the basic regime and cancellation and addition of some purposes of the company 3. 3. Accept the apology of Auditor Messrs. Deloitte and the election of an independent auditor instead. 4.The mandate of the Governing Council, the implementation of the resolutions of the Extraordinary General Assembly and to take appropriate action to all the relevant authorities in the interests of shareholders in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act and other laws of legitimacy .