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Wednesday, January, 16, 2019    12:33:02 pm
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Monthly report of April 2016

Amman Stock Exchange index fell by 2.7% during the month of April compared to March 2016 has been Hua index during the last week by 3.3% to 2,092 points as the lowest level in a month. Where the market has not shown any resistance to this decline, especially with the low rate of daily trading volume increased by 29.9% than in the month of March, and coupled with the decline in the value of shares traded increased by 15.1%. for more details Click Here

First Quarter 2016 Financial Results

With the end of the First Quarter of 2016 , 202 public shareholding compnaies listed in Amman Stock Exchange announced the first quarter results of 2016 with 116 compnaies reporting net profit of 312.1 million JOD and 86 companies reported a loss of 35 million JOD . For more information , click here. 

Study about the Primary Results 2015

The expected Net Income of the Banking and Mining Companies consitiute 84% of the total Net Income for the 197 companies that published it's primary results for the year ended 2015 . For more information , please click here

Monthly August Report 2015

The Amman Stock Exchange index closed for the month of August with a drop of 1.32% in comparison with  the month of July 2015 at a level of 2097.59 points, a decline of 3.13% since the beginning of the year. For more details click here.

Amman Stock Exchange performance for June 2015

The Amman Stock Exchange closed the month of June with a decrease in the index by 3.11% to close at 2115.64 points in comparison with the close of May 2015, this decline in the index was the result of of decrease in the prices of Jordan Phosphate Company shares, Arab Bank shares, Jordan Petroleum Refinery shares, and Jordan Electric Compnay shares. For more details , click here 

May Monthly Report 2015

The Amman Stock Exchange index closed for the month of May with an increase of 3.22% to close at 2,183.57 points in comparison with the closing of April 2015 , supported by the rising shares of Arab Potash Company and the shares of the Arab Bank and the shares of Jordan Petroleum Refinery, where its impacted positively on the market cap of the Amman Stock Exchange, which rose by 6.54% to reach 18.096 billion dinars.

Primary Final Results Q1 2015

Primary Final Results Q1 2015 published for Public shareholding Companies listed in ASE.

For more details please, click here

Monthly Report 2015

Amman Stock Exchange Monthly Report (March 2015)”. For more details please click here.